Infinity Bar 2.0


Infinity Bar 2.0

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Freeride control bar

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Innovation and attention to detail are not only applied to the kite at Flysurfer. Innumerable ideas and prototypes fail when it comes to the main deciding factor: Our demand for quality. That’s why it took years for our control bar to become what it is now.

The Quick Release

A bar is only as good as its quick release. Together with the Infinity 2.0 Control Bar, we introduce our new Infinity 2.0 QR. At first glance you can only imagine how brilliant this component really is. First of all, it fulfills the French safety norms to perfection, which only very few kiting quick releases do. The force needed to release the QR is minimal in relation to the load. Even with 400 kilograms of load, the release force remains under ten dekanewtons (similar to kilograms). The QR design is optimized to be resistant against snow, sand, dirt and small rocks, as much as possible. But that is still not all. We focused on the smallest of details. There is no metal part at the end of the loop that can become tangled behind the harness hook. The system is intuitive and can be reset easily and quickly. In addition, we made sure that you can release dependably, even when wearing thick gloves. Disruptive or dangerous accidental releases are practically eliminated. A heavy component? Hardly. The Infinity 2.0 QR weighs only 157 grams and offers the most compact construction of all chicken loops with a comparable range of functions.

The new Chickenstick

On the Infinity 2.0 Control Bar, we replace the Chickendick with another of our innovations: the Chickenstick. While most Chickendicks get stiff in low temperatures and barely work, the Chickenstick is stiff from the start and can be attached to the harness hook quickly and easily with the help of an elastic connection. Broken Chickendicks or accidental releasing is basically eliminated with this Chickenstick.

Endless rotations with the new swivel

Only a few bars can completely untwist, our first Infinity bar could do it. But the Infinity 2.0 Control Bar can do it so much better. A special construction allows the Infinity 2.0 QR to swivel even more smoothly than ever, without being susceptible to rusting or blocking when exposed to sand, dirt, ice or salt. The new Double V shaped Eyelet leads the depower lines vertically through the bar. This improves comfort and handling when holding the bar for one-handed flying and unhooked tricks. We thought of more, too. The depowerloop ‘locks’ when unhooking and doesn’t dangle around. For real wake-style purists, we also have the option to make the depowerloop bigger. And so that no wish remains unfulfilled, each Infinity 2.0 Control Bar has the option to use a “Releasable Suicide HP-Mode”. You get the accessories for this delivered with the bar free of charge.

So, endless rotations, new quickrelease, chicken stick, options for customization for unhooked riding and still the Infinity 2.0 Control Bar has more tricks up its sleeve. This is our first bar with a quickly adjustable stopperball, which we recommend, above all, for advanced riders and constant winds. This is a luxury that we no longer want to go without. If you are surprised by a gust, you can still push the stopper up, together with the bar. Still not enough features? You can adjust the bar width on the winders at any time. Finally we also slightly revised our trimmer again. It’s now more precise and more user-friendly. The control bar remains clean and clearly laid out, despite a multitude of functions. Functionality and simplicity: have you seen a control bar that combines this better?

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