May the wind be with you – A snowkite expedition

Flysurfer team rider Sebastian Bubmann has been on a couple of big mountain snowkite expeditions with his friend Philipp Kuchelmeister. However the weather had never been kind to them. After dreaming up a new adventure, and taking on Flysurfer riders and staff Tobi Deckert and Maxi Kühnhauser, they set off once more. This time they would be exploring Norway’s peaks and documenting their travels as they went.

Snowkite spots visited on this trip:
Lyngen: “Koppangen Brygger” 69.679244, 20.256032
Lyngen glacier: 69.679244, 20.256032
Lyngenseidet: 69.545102, 20.118655
Lofoten: “Svolvaer” 68.256737, 14.581456
Lofoten: “Fredvang” 68.090048, 13.106217

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