FOX Trainer Kite

FOX Trainer Kite


Open Cell Trainer Kite

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Meet the FOX – a smartly designed kite that guarantees an easy set-up, excellent handling, and a swift self-relaunch. Take it to the skies filled with excitement and master the art of flying while your imagination soars!


It is ideal for getting to know the wind window and kite controls. For decades, trainer kites like the FOX have been the most popular tool for introductory courses or the first steps in kite sport.


Give your children the greatest joy! The playful learning approach and getting to know the fascination of wind with its physical and coordination challenges are guaranteed to keep you away from smartphones. Show them the world from the perspective of a wind sports enthusiast. We recommend flying the FOX for ages six and up.


The proven 3-line safety system lets the kite flag out with minimum power, as well as helping reverse launch. You can calmly take a break or reposition and relaunch the kite, enhancing your safety during sessions or lessons.


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