The PEAK 5 has been a huge hit, and has become a popular foiling kite. Its single skin design creates a huge amount of power per square metre, which together with its small size makes it light weight and turns fast. The result is a kite with unparalleled light wind performance and drift. The big downside obviously is the lack of water relaunch. Enter the HYBRID. Taking the PEAK as a starting point, and making the leading edge use the closed cell technology FS is famous for, but leaving the trailing edge as a single skin to reduce weight and improve drift and lightwind performance.

Whilst the performance of the HYBRID is not quite at the same level of the PEAK 5, having great water relaunch is a huge bonus – a trade off we think most foilers will appreciate!

The HYBRID is not just designed for foiling. It is an incredible kite for teaching with – it is very easy to use and the water relaunch is great. It really comes into its own when it comes to teaching kids.

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