PEAK 5 vs PEAK 4

The new PEAK 5 has just been released and the main questions are always around how it is different from its predecessor, the PEAK 4. The most obvious difference is in the fabric used. The PEAK 5 is built using TX Light fabric, which although slightly heavier than the previous fabric mix, it is more durable. This has allowed the designers to make more cut outs from the structure allowing for a lighter kite overall.

The next differences are to do with the profile and the shape of the leading edge. The thicker profile along with a more curved leading edge has allowed for more power per square metre, but also a smoother and more stable kite. This means more power when the kite is depowered and less flapping. The kite is also tighter turning and has a faster acceleration.

In terms of sizing, everything is the same except for a new 2.5m size which replaces the 3m.

Watch the video to see the kite in action and some more differences.

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