Earlier this month we travelled to La Ventana, Baja California Sur to meet up with the FLYSURFER team and check out some new gear. There was one thing that we were super excited about – that was the SOUL. This kite is an exciting mix of super high end design, construction and materials, but used to create something that is really simple and easy to fly, with loads of performance. The X-Light fabric used is the same as that used on the SONIC Race. The internal construction has also taken a lot from the SONIC Race.

The SOUL offers plenty of performance for boosting, freeriding and foiling – not as much as the SONIC 2, but more than the SPEED 5. The increased internal structure helps deliver this performance. The ease of use, especially when launching is second to none. The stability of the kite in the sky is incredible – this is achieved by using the lightweight construction. The water relaunch is phenomenal – more than once I witnessed kites come up in marginal winds after a significant amount of time in the water.

The SOUL feels a bit different to other FS foil kites. The bar pressure is heavier and more direct feeling. This is quite noticeable to long time FS riders. It is more akin to the feel of a tube kite. The SOUL relaunches more like a tube kite too, just off a single steering line – thanks to the swept wingtips.

There will be plenty of demo opportunities – please reach out to us or your local shop if you are keen to try the SOUL.

Find out more about the FLYSURFER SOUL.

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