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Speed 3



Flysurfer Speed 3The Speed 3 is a high performance, high aspect, low wind, race, and hangtime kite. The Speed 3 impresses with enormous depower, increased agility, awesome hangtime and jaw-dropping upwind and light wind performance. Any rider who is into racing, oldschool or lots of hangtime needs to try the Speed3! It is performance redefined! The kite looks phenomenal in the sky – especially the deluxe versions.

The Speed 3 was updated in summer 2012 to include the Infinity 2.0 bar and new DLX Colours.

When redesigning and improving on the Speed 2, the development team had to make sure it was at least as good in terms of lightwind performance, and gain significant ground in the areas of agility, depower and speed. There is no doubt this has been achieved. The Speed 3 turns tighter and faster even in the lightest winds.

Thanks to the Triple Depower Technology, contact to the kite is always available even when fully depowered. Triple Depower changes:

  • The angle of attack changes (C kite to Flat kite)
  • The projected size of the kite changes (more/less pop and float for jumping)
  • The airfoil camber changes (faster/slower kite)

Numerous optimizations to the profile have resulted in a more effective and direct depower effect. The already large wind range has expanded again. The legendary hang-time has just gotten even sweeter with more jump height, and thanks to the increased agility, kiteloops are now a reality. Naturally to cope with the increased speed and agility, stability had to be improved. Whether old-school, big-air, racing or lightwind cruising – the Speed 3 has set new standards.

The Speed 3 comes with the Flysurfer Infinity Bar 2.0. The bar feeling is very direct, smooth and precise like no other kite in this class. Hangtime and butter-soft landings are unparalleled. It has never been this easy to land and learn new tricks, regardless of the wind conditions. Racers will also appreciate the improved windrange and increased upwind performance.

Deluxe Edition was really made just for this kind of kite. The entire kite is manufactured from high-quality Silver Arrow cloth, which is almost half the weight of ‘standard’ kite cloth. The Silver Arrow cloth radically increases canopy stability, turning speed and light wind performance of every kite in our line! An additional benefit is the unbelievable compact pack dimension making your DELUXE kite the ideal travel partner. DELUXE kites also perform exceptionally well in gusty conditions.

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Size Serial Price Deluxe Price
12m £1499 £1769
15m £1635 £1950
19m £1769 £2130
21m n/a £2315

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