Rush – 140 Ex Demo


Rush – 140 Ex Demo


Freestyle kiteboard

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Well used RUSH 140 x 43 comes Deck Only with fins.
Flysurfer RUSH KiteboardNever before have we created a deck dedicated to freestyle that’s as smooth and easy to ride as the RUSH. Utilizing the Split Concave and a Constant Curve Rocker, it provides a stable, speedy ride while maintaining upwind drive and soft landings after powered tricks. The thin profile means minimal swing weight for your most radical spins. Thanks to the blunt tip and tail shape, the Double Stepped Rails and a new flex pattern, the RUSH creates immense pop, absorbs chop and gives you full control when you are locked in—ready for high speed boosting. Add our new 40mm fins for more hold through your turns or remove them to enjoy the loose feel and early release into your favorite tricks. Either go full-on wakestyle and attach your boots, or go for a big air session with straps and pads, it doesn’t matter what you do. Just ride it, feel it, progress on it, and unlock your full potential…


Full Wood Core
The RUSH is made with a full-length wood core made of responsibly-grown paulownia wood. This guarantees the optimal mix of flex, responsiveness and dynamic recovery force of the board, while retaining huge amounts of strength and durability.

Constant Curve Rocker
Our Constant Curve Rocker ensures that you can engage when maximum performance is required. Maintain constant foot pressure with consistent grip, for confidence-inspiring control in all water conditions. Get higher speeds and fully-loaded pop!

Double Concave Grip
Built for maximum control, the Double Concave gives you extra grip even without big fins. It also improves edge grip and evenly deflects water to provide soft landings and to make it easier to stick your trick.

Stepped Channel Tips
The Stepped Channel Tip design provides increased surface area for better pop and more directional stability. Put simply, it lets you carve precisely or ride aggressively, while maintaining upwind drive.

Bi-Lateral Torsion
The innovative assembly of a unidirectional woven layer lengthwise and an additional woven layer under a different angle achieves considerably higher torsion stiffness. This allows the tips to flex while at the same time reducing rail to rail flex, which allows for increased jumping performance while retaining a high level of ride stability.

Scratchproof Topsheet
All of our boards have a special high-quality UV and scratch-resistant coating, and thus offer a long product life. The graphic design is protected under the coating, so that it does not get damaged if the board is slightly scratched.

Made in EU
Since we manufacture our boards within Europe we can guarantee the highest precision and quality, and ensure that only the best materials are used in their construction.



Size 137 x 41,5 140 x 43
Colour Red Lime
Weight 2.55kg 2.7kg

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‘Ready to Ride’ package consists of:
1x RUSH Twintip Kiteboard
2x Space Footpads
2x Galaxy Footstraps (incl. screws)
4x Fins G10 4cm (incl. screws)
1x Grabhandle (incl. screws)
1x Set of Grabrails
1x Accessory Bag
1x RUSH Manual

‘Board-only’ package consists of:
1x RUSH Twintip Kiteboard
4x Fins G10 4cm (incl. screws)
1x RUSH Manual

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137 x 41.5, 140 x 43


Deck + Fins, Complete